Precyzyjne mapy - AutoMapa to pena mapa topograficzna i szczegy do pojedynczego adresu i budynku.

AutoMapa 5.1: One program to rule the millions of data items


Maps of eight new countries, nearly 2.5 million building outlines, almost 2 million exact building addresses, above 1.1 million buildings visualised using 3D technology, more than 250 thousand points of interest and - for the first time in the history of Polish navigation systems - road data verified by the Police. The new AutoMapa 5.1 sets new quality standards for GPS navigation software.

AutoMapa, awarded in July by the NEXT computer magazine with the certificate "Czempion – Jako" ("Champion – Quality"), once again raises the bar and, with the launching of AutoMapa 5.1 on the market, sets anew the quality standards in GPS navigation software. The new program version enables even quicker and more effective navigation around each of more than 102 thousand of cities, towns and villages in Poland. Nearly 2.5 million building outlines, 1.1 million of which are developed in 3D technology, almost 2 million of individual building addresses, 703 cities and towns with 3D buildings, about 630 thousand kilometres of roads of all categories in Poland, 100% coverage of road networks leading to living areas, above 52 thousand lakes, 140 thousand kilometres of rivers and nearly 160 thousand forest areas - all those guarantee the highest quality to be found in navigation software.

For the first time in the history of Polish navigation systems, AutoMapa has included data developed and elaborated by the Police. In a co-project of AutoMapa and the Police in Warmisko-Mazurskie Voivodship, the Police officers travelled along over a thousand kilometres of national and voivodship roads in the region, marking all dangerous zones. The data verified in practice were digitalized and implemented in the newest AutoMapa version. Owing to the platform, this information can be subsequently complemented with the next country regions.

AutoMapa 5.1 also brings new quality to navigation throughout Europe. Thanks to new maps developed by TeleAtlas and Geosystems Polska, the users of AutoMapa Europe can conveniently travel around all the EU countries, excluding Iceland. The new maps, including Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine, facilitate summer travels to places abound with picturesque views and local tourist attractions.

The users and magazine editors warmly greeted the new user-friendly interface. It has maintained the best features and was enriched with information on the scale slider, showing the map width visible on the screen. This is another function implemented in response to the AutoMapa users' feedback.

- The AutoMapa society is exceptionally active and involved in the product development. This is of great value for us and we are always open to our customers' ideas. I am sure that soon we will be able to present new solutions, designed in the cooperation with our users – says Jdrzej Szynkarczuk, AutoMapa marketing director.

AutoMapa 5.1 means new quality in Points of Interest support. Thanks to the new file format, the User POIs take less storage, and handling them lasts two- to tenfold shorter, depending on the operation. The Automapa creators have designed a new architecture of searching cities and towns, streets and POIs. It significantly extends the previous capabilities, thus greatly speeding up the finding of an object in the database of over 260 thousand points of interest.

It is worth noting that the new AutoMapa version is available for free to any valid subscription owner. The full list of changes and new functionalities, along with the newest AutoMapa version, is available on

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